You may be super interested in having lessons anytime, anywhere and would love the flexibility of online video call lessons or with the state of the world and the covid-19 pandemic climbing in risk you may have to go online with voice lessons. Either way I am opening up another way to receive lessons in the privacy of your own homes.

Video Call Lessons will now be available (enquire to book). There will be a variety of more times available for video call lessons throughout the coming weeks. Please enquire to book a time.

The prices will stay the same. The only change that would be made, if you chose this form of lesson, is that I wont be in the same room as you, however I will be with the keyboard and have a speaker and headphones my end to provide the same services and training you are paying for.

It’s highly recommended (only if you already have them) you have ready to go for your lesson;

  • earphones with a mic attached

  • a speaker of some sort your end (Bluetooth or your computer speaker while calling)

  • lyrics/sheet music to the song ready to go!

If all goes to plan, videos won’t lag and I can play all the backings my end but incase this does happen depending on your reception - it’s nice to have a backup!!!
If you don’t have any of these things, lessons will still work so don’t panic. We will work around it.

ZOOM & Online Lessons: Accessible without an account on any device, via the web or download the app. Commercially popular and super easy and simple to use, To use zoom you enter a number combination (Meeting ID) or a link I send and you are in in 5 seconds. Zoom is incredibly reliable and good audio quality. You are also able to record your lesson on Zoom to a computer. You will be sent an invitation via zoom with the link and details to get in prior to lesson (super easy). Can't wait to meet with you virtually.


If unable to attend a lesson, you are only able to cancel AT LEAST 24hours notice prior otherwise within the 24hr it is expected that you reschedule the lesson for another time or have additional time/catch up lesson later on (as credit.) You MUST confirm your lesson 24hrs before your lesson if you arent a regular or it is expected you turn up on time. 

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